Language School and Examination Centre




I. Organisational structure


  Our language school has been a market leader in adult education since 1992.


The basic principle of our quality policy is good quality education. Euroteam Stúdió has been a member of Felnőttképzők Szövetsége (FVSZ) (Alliance of Adult Education Organisations) since 1994 and meets its requirements. In 2014 we implemented the new accredited Quality Assurance System of FVSZ. We operated as an accredited institution from 2002 to 2014. Today we operate as a licensed adult education organisation in accordance with the legislation in force.


Our school has been cooperating with Fővárosi és Pest Megyei Munkaügyi Központ (Budapest and Pest County Job Centre) since 1993 and we successfully participated in their tenders until 2015. Over the past few years we participated in the retraining of public sector employees and civil servants and we also organised language courses for those in this sector who were made redundant or were within their notice period in 'Új pálya program' which prepared them for a language examination. In 2013 we organised courses in 'Tudásod a jövőd' TÁMOP 2.1.2 programme throughout the country. In 2014-2015 we conducted courses in the 'Diplomamentő' programme launched by OFA.


The biggest attraction of our language school is that our registered office and our classrooms are located in the centre of Budapest at an easily accessible location.


Our organisation has one owner who is responsible for managing the school and works together with the director of studies and the head of reception on an everyday basis. Our teaching staff consists of twenty teachers whose number changes according to the number of courses we have but is generally available if needed. Over the past few years we conducted our courses in different locations in the country and we opened local offices in the two counties where the largest number of courses were ordered (9027 Győr, Ipar u. 51/A.;  8623 Balatonföldvár, Spúr István u. 4/A). We operate a reception desk in these local offices where we employ local workforce.


II. Our courses


Our school mainly organises language and IT courses. At the end of the language courses our students usually take a certified language exam. Due to the high quality of our work, 80-90% of them pass their exams.


Most recently we conducted OFA 'Diplomamentő' courses for 156 students in 16 groups. 90% of these students passed the B2 level language exam, which is an outstanding result.


Our school has 24 years of experience in conducting employment training programmes supported by the state. Due to our experience the number of students who leave our courses early is insignificant.


Apart from the above mentioned courses our school conducts company courses at different locations. In our Blended Learning programme the emphasis is on communication skills, which is needed and a requirement in the offices of international companies.


We would like to satisfy market demand as well so we also conduct general and exam preparation courses in small groups.


III. Other professional services


Our school is a major exam location of  the Pannon Language Examination organised by the University of Pannonia in Veszprém and we also organise ELTE ITK ORIGO language examinations. We are proud that we have the largest number of candidates taking the Pannon language examination in the country.


In our school candidates may now choose an internationally recognised language examination as well. The TOEIC test measures the everyday English skills of people working in a business environment.